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{There was that look Barney really hated. He saw it a lot, when the other resistance members sat down at the end of the day. Grief, pain. The sinking feeling that maybe this really is what life will be like forever. He remembered it from the first war, seven hours of pure hell. It made him shiver, just thinking about how he felt at the start, before he learnt to forget about feelings.}

…Hey, I’ve got a safe house nearby… I can get you some water, if you  need.

[He stared at the other man for a moment. He just… stared. A moment of silence, a moment of emptiness in his head passed. Then all of it broke down. All he had was gone. His talents didn’t matter, he no longer had anybody left, he had nowhere to go. Singing wouldn’t get him far probably. He started shaking and buried his face in his hands. A shaky sigh escaped him and he nodded.]


[That was the only thing he could bring himself to say. He couldn’t think straight. He just couldn’t. Talking about Karma Police; he just found them.]


…So either you’re a spy, you’ve been made to forget, or you just slept for the last 10 or so years.

Alien invasion? Constant battling? Huge explosion? Portal storms? This isn’t a dream sunshine, though it’d be great if it was.

Are you serious?

[He just couldn’t believe this. There’s no way he’d miss any of this; there’s no way he’d pass out and leave his wife and kids alone. No way. However, when he took a look around, he sort of started to believe it.]

… Please don’t be serious.


“He? So it’s a he. I’d expect a she to be honest.” Amy said, chuckling lightly to herself. “My name is Amy P— Williams.” She still was trying to get use to her new name. “I’m  Amy Williams. And you are?”


"Thom Yorke. It’s a pleasure.", He said. A she? "Maybe I should ask what he prefers." He grinned, he liked it when people made jokes like this. They perhaps weren’t the best, but they often lifted the mood. And a bad mood wasn’t what he was waiting for.


I mean, either you get out the streets now or you’re a poor dead bastard.


Have you not even looked around yourself? The end of the world happened a little while ago, maybe you missed it. Napped too long or somethin’?

No, like I said — I remember nothing of the past few hours and suddenly  I was walking around these parts. 


The end of the world? I doubt that that could happen so quickly. Wait.. is this a dream?

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